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Contractor Certification

Contractor Certification
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Dekstone® Contractor Certification Quiz
We have prepared a brief quiz containing nine questions pertaining to specific Dekstone® product characteristics and installation requirements. Please take as much time as you need. Your answers will be sent to our Dekstone® Product Coordinator for review and you will be contacted with your results. Thank you and good luck!!

Question #1

What are the size dimensions of a Dekstone® paver?
a. 24" x 24" x 2"
b. 16" x 16" x 2"
c. 23-7/8" x 23-7/8" x 1-7/8"
d. 23-7/8" x 23-7/8" x 2"

Question #2

Dekstone® pavers require (_?_) minimum bearing on two parallel sides of the paver.
a. 2"
b. 1-1/2"
c. 1"
d. 1-3/4"

Question #3

The structural joists for Dekstone® pavers must be laid at (_?_) on center.
a. 23-7/8"
b. 16"
c. 15-7/8"
d. 24"

Question #4

A (_____?______) should be installed between the Dekstone® pavers and the lumber to prevent moisture trap and/or wood rot.
a. Metal plate
b. Wax Paper
c. Moisture Barrier
d. Silicone Caulking

Question #5

Dekstone® pavers should be installed with a slight space between each paver for drainage.
a. True
b. False

Question #6

Dekstone® pavers can be grouted or caulked to waterproof a living space below.
a. True
b. False

Question #7

It is not recommended to use an air-powered ratchet or to over tighten the bolt in the threaded inserts because...
a. It is a noise disturbance
b. Over tightening the bolts may cause an uneven paver surface
c. It may bend the angle strap
d. You may strip the insert's bond with the concrete

Question #8
Dekstone® must be contained around the perimeter edge. Which of the following is an acceptable containment?
a. Fascia/skirt board
b. Parapet wall or wall of building
c. Shrubbery, trees, and/or bushes
d. a & b

Question #9
In this presentation two Dekstone® framing options have been discussed. One option uses a 4x laid (_?__) on center and the other option uses a 4x2 as a runner over 2x joists where the runner is laid (_?__) on center.
a. 23-7/8" & 16"
b. 16" & 23-7/8"
c. 23-7/8" & 23-7/8"
d. 16" & 16"

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